T@P October - The holy mass: Are you hungry yet? with Emma Fradd

This month Emma Fradd spoke on the mass, the beauty found within it and the graces we can receive when we attend.

Emma converted to Catholicism 10 years ago after spending 5 years calling herself an atheist. Since then she has lived in 3 different countries working in youth and music ministry, as well as pursuing her own music, with 6 national tours in Canada, England, and Australia.

She is passionate about encouraging and training musicians within Catholic Parishes to be well formed, reverent and enthusiastic, leading quality music within the liturgy; that which leads the congregation to deeper prayer and worship.
Along with worship, Emma writes her own music with authentic lyrics and intricate guitar work to share her relationship with God.

Emma has served 2 mission years with NET Ministries, where she now works full time in Brisbane, often travelling to promote the truth, goodness, and beauty in the Catholic church to youth and young adults across Australia. She loves most food, good coffee, dancing, beaches, and gets a twitch when she see’s a drum kit. 

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